Placement Assistance

Placement assistance encompasses services and resources provided by educational institutions and career centers to aid individuals in securing suitable employment. These services include resume and interview preparation, job search guidance, and networking opportunities. Career counselors offer personalized advice, while job databases match candidates with relevant positions. Internship programs and alumni networks also play a role. The goal is to facilitate a smooth transition from education to the workforce, ultimately enhancing job prospects and career development

Placement Services

Career Counselling 

Placement Training & Grooming Sessions

Online Mock Test

Virtual Placement Drive

Online Campus to Corporate

Professional Resume Development Tips

Craft a professional resume with a clear format, tailored to the job. Highlight achievements with quantifiable results, use relevant keywords, and proofread for errors. Keep it concise, ideally one page, and ensure a consistent, professional tone throughout. Don’t forget to customize and align your online presence, especially your LinkedIn profile, with your resume.

Personality & Skill Development

Encourage personal development by being self-aware, flexible, and always learning. Along with technical capabilities, work on developing soft skills like communication, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. In order to succeed on both a personal and professional level, embrace obstacles, ask for feedback, and develop resilience.

Leadership Skill & Teamwork

Leadership involves inspiring and guiding a team towards common goals. Effective teamwork relies on communication, collaboration, trust, and shared accountability, fostering a harmonious and productive work environment

Career Guidance

Chart your career path by identifying your passions, strengths, and goals. Seek relevant education, gain experience, network, and adapt to industry trends. Continuously learn and grow to achieve long-term success

Interactive Q & A Sessions

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Host interactive Q&A sessions for job placements. Address candidates’ queries, share insights on the hiring process, and offer tips for resume building and interviews, ensuring a smoother job placement experience.

BVDU Hiring Partners


CDOE does not give any placement. We facilitate our students to be ready for the industry working. We help them in connecting with the companies. Their performance in Interview will decide about their placement. We just provide assistance.

In order to assist students and recent graduates with their career development and job placement, BVDU CDOE typically assists in career counseling, resume writing, job search support, internship, employer partnerships, alumni networks, career workshops, and online career resources. We create WA groups of students and keep posting latest happenings in placements.

You can contact the placement cell through the contact details provided on our website or visit our office during office hours.

Yes, our university provide sessions with Industry professional and HR experts to help students create impactful resumes and online profiles and give tips on effective presentation and interview techniques. We ensure that students receive the support they needed

We provide mock online interview sessions, tips for virtual interviews, and access to company databases.

Placement Contact Details

Name – Priyanka Mohite

Mail ID –

Mobile Number – +91 8080984541

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