Academic Bank of Credits

ABC ID, or Academic Bank of Credits ID, was created as part of the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) and is required for admission to any college or university.  The ABC ID is a 12-digit code that students in India can use to digitally store and manage their academic credits. This includes degrees, diplomas, certificates, training details, and co-curricular accomplishments. The ABC ID also links to DigiLocker, an online repository where students can securely store essential documents like exam results. The ABC ID acts as a digital identity for the student in the realm of education.

The ABC ID allows students to transfer credits between higher education institutions in India. Students can accumulate credits to obtain qualifications or to document personal achievements. Credits can be transferred from one institution to another, or from one program to another.

To create an ABC ID, candidates must first create an account with their name, address, certificate, and course details. This will generate a unique ID and password that students can use to log in. Generally, an ABC ID is intended to be created only once per individual.


  • Online centralized system
  • Credit accumulation and redemption
  • Credit audit trail management
  • Credit accounting


  • Enable student mobility
  • Academic flexibility
  • Allows student to choose own learning path
  • Recognized learning achievements

Key Features

  • Multiple entry multiple exit
  • Anytime anywhere learning
  • Allows student to study at their own pace
  • Transparency