Best Practices

Best Practice 1:

Implementing value-added courses such as those offered through an MOU with ExcelR has significantly enhanced students’ skill sets and career prospects. These courses cover a range of topics from full-stack development to AI and digital marketing, catering to various interests and career paths. For instance, workshops focusing on ChatGPT and AI aim to introduce participants to fundamental concepts while encouraging hands-on interaction and ethical discussions. Success is measured through tangible outcomes like completed projects, proficiency in tools, and engagement in discussions.

Best Practice 2:

To mitigate grievances effectively, proactive measures have been undertaken, including robust communication channels such as notices, emails, updates, and messages directed towards students. Consequently, there has been a substantial reduction in reported grievances. Furthermore, the implementation of structured communication and counseling sessions within mentors’ groups has proven instrumental in promptly addressing and resolving issues raised by mentees, thereby contributing significantly to grievance reduction.

Best Practice 3:

The best practice titled “Access to LMS to students” aims to establish a centralized platform for course content, resources, and communication, with objectives including flexible course delivery, enhanced communication, customizable assessments, monitoring progress, and ensuring resource accessibility. The institution has taken strides towards enhancing the learning experience by developing and implementing a bespoke student-centric Learning Management System (LMS), aimed at delivering high-quality educational resources and fostering a conducive learning environment. In the context of Indian higher education, LMS’s uniqueness lies in its support for blended learning, collaboration, diverse content creation, cost-effectiveness, adaptability to local needs, and robust assessment framework. Evidence of success includes performance against targets and benchmarks, showcasing the platform’s effectiveness in facilitating learning and engagement.